When diet and exercise aren’t enough to help men and women achieve their fitness goals, many grow frustrated, feel unhappy with their appearance and can experience low self-esteem. Our doctors have seen this frustration first-hand. We are proud to offer a comprehensive range of body contouring procedures, including liposuction surgery, to help patients finally achieve their ideal look. Using sophisticated surgical techniques, our doctors have helped countless patients get rid of unwanted body fat and improve their quality of life.

Candidates for liposuction include men and women who are 18 years of age or older and are unhappy with their appearance due to areas of excess fat on the body. Most liposuction patients have tried to lose weight through traditional means such as diet and exercise, and are seeking surgical enhancement to help them achieve their goals. While liposuction can help patients achieve a more slender physique, it is not meant to serve as a means for substantial weight loss.

During traditional liposuction, our doctors make a series of small incisions and uses a small tube known as a cannula to gently break apart fat cells and suction them from the body. The cannula is also used to re-contour the remaining tissues. During Smart Lipo, a similar process is followed; but the laser liquifies the fat before it is removed from the body. It can also tone and tighten the areas being treated. Smart Lipo is a less invasive approach to liposuction.

Recovery times for liposuction vary based on the extent of changes made, the area treated, and the type of Lipo performed. Learn more about the different kinds of Liposuction we offer by clicking the buttons below.

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