Vaginal Rejuvenation (Labiaplasty)

Candidates for labiaplasty are women ages 18 and older who are unhappy with the appearance of an enlarged or asymmetrical labia. Many women pursue labiaplasty if they experience discomfort while wearing tight clothing or exercising, or if the size of their labia causes them to feel self-conscious in front of their partner. It is also a popular procedure among women who have gone through childbirth.

There are two types of labiaplasty procedures, the most common is reducing the size of the labia minora or “inner lips”. The other rejuvenation procedure involves augmenting the outer labia, usually in older women, with either their own fat or synthetic fillers.

We use advanced surgical techniques to reshape the labia. Our doctors are careful to make incisions that are inconspicuous to ensure the best aesthetic results possible. A labiaplasty typically takes about one hour to perform, and patients can return home the same day.

Women who undergo labiaplasty surgery with our doctors find that they are more comfortable with the appearance of their labia following surgery. This can help women feel more confident with their partner, enabling them to enjoy their sex life more. The procedure also may eliminate some physical pain or discomfort that women may have felt.

Dr Umerah understands that undergoing any type of cosmetic procedure is a personal and delicate situation in a woman’s life. We operate our practice under the principles of safety, comfort and privacy, ideas which are of the utmost importance, particularly for labiaplasty patients. Women who are interested in pursuing vaginal cosmetic surgery can feel comfortable and confident knowing that our doctors will provide compassionate, attentive care and satisfying surgical results.